What straight talk phones run off at t tower

What cellular towers do straight talk phones run off of? ChaCha Answer: Straight Talk is a new Prepaid Cell phone company that is a p. Hi I have a galaxy s for straight talk that run off verizon tower phone is like brand new come with case selling for 125 text me at 757-304-0830. Straight Talk Phones . Motorola Samsung LG. Which phones will work on ATT or Verizon towers ? dgailgarrett. The rest of the Android phones run off with Sprint. Straight Talk Phones . Motorola there is only one phone that works on VZW towers. Android phones run off Sprint network except Samsung Proclaim that runs off. Best Answer: It depends on the phone. If you have a GSM straight talk phone, the phone will use AT &T's towers . If it is a CDMA phone, it will use Verizon's. Straight Talk phones that run on AT &T or T-Mobile towers . •Motorola V3a. Straight Talk phones that run on Sprint towers . •LG L75C •Huawei Ascend II M865C What Towers Does " Straight Talk " Use?. Straight Talk is the brand name used by TracFone Wireless for selling phones at Wal-Mart. Straight Talk is a cellular provider.
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All the straight talk phones I have had run off verizon.. Forum How can you tell what tower your Straight Talk Phone will use? Forum Straight talk verizon; Best Answer: the other answerer that stated that the E71 was a cdma is wrong. i have the nokia E71 and its a GSM phone which runs on the at &t network. both. Straight Talk phones that run on AT &T or T-Mobile towers . •Motorola V3a. Straight Talk phones that run on Sprint towers . •LG L75C •Huawei Ascend II M865C

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